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The Essence of Who We Are and What We Do Comes to Life Through the Experience We Deliver to Our Clients Every Day.

When you work with us, you can expect that we are focused on providing quality investment services with your goals in mind. 

 We build relationships that last a lifetime based on Accountability, Integrity, and Trust.


The AIT Success Formula

Initial & On-Going Discovery

Sitting down with you and your family, we take the time to understand your unique goals, issues, and to learn more about your concerns around your wealth and your life. What are your plans and goals? What are the risks and opportunities most relevant to you? How do you currently address these matters? What should change?

Building a Foundation

Once we begin learning where you are, where you’d like to be and what’s most important to you, we'll begin assembling all of that input into a plan for you. We’ll collaborate with you and your other tax and legal advisors to consider your values, tax and estate issues, risk factors or special needs unique to you to develop a well thought out plan that will help you navigate the next chapters of your life.

Advanced Planning

Going well beyond investments, we seek to help you take deliberate steps to address your most pressing concerns.  Advanced planning helps you address areas such as business succession or charitable giving plans or helping you facilitate family meetings to prepare your loved ones for potential inheritance. We aim to help you accomplish what's most most important to you. 

Tracking Progress

Your plan is written into an Investment Policy Statement that serves as a roadmap describing how your investments will be handled in a coordinated fashion and in line with your big picture planning needs. Easy 24/7 tracking is made available for you to check performance of your investment portfolio and monitor the ongoing status of your wealth management plan. Perhaps most importantly, we make ourselves available whenever needed to meet with you to review what’s on your mind and talk through how we can continue to best help you stay on track.  

                          Let us help you focus on your destination so you can enjoy the ride.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

MoneyGuidePro® is designed to focus on your retirement goals and creates your customized plan.
It’s online client portal is easy to use and allows clients to make changes to their plan
and immediately see the impact.

The AIT Investing Process 

As an independent wealth management firm, we make all of our recommendations based solely on how it serves your near and long-term goals. That’s why our approach is fundamentally different. By combining emotional and intelligence quotient - EQ and IQ - we strive help you build a more secure financial future.

Here’s how we do it:


Our approach to evidence-based investing starts by identifying your most pressing financial issues and concerns. The investment approach embraces the facts that have come from decades of academic and practitioner research. Nothing we do is based on opinion, hope or hype. Just facts. We seek to build a plan to withstand market turbulence so you can focus on what's most important to you. We aim to help you think through the key decisions that will impact you and your family for years and decades to come. We work with you to create and maintain a plan that considers an appropriate investment strategy, risk management, tax minimization, and more.


We seek to deliver a clearer sense of direction and calm to our clients to help ease the anxieties and worries that can come with money. We aim help you learn to ignore turbulent markets and rest easier knowing a plan is in place that strives to account for inevitable market uncertainty. We seek to help you understand the risks your assets are exposed to and seek to provide individual guidance with your risk tolerance and goals in mind. 

Setting clear expectations with our clients is one of the most important things we do.

Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, Riskalyze quantifies the semantics of the financial advice industry, replacing confusing and subjective terms like “moderately conservative” and “moderately aggressive” with the Risk Number, a number between 1 and 99 that pinpoints a client’s exact comfort zone for downside risk and potential upside gain. We then build an investment portfolio to match the client’s Risk Number and chart a clearly defined path to the client’s goals.

Click Below to Get you Risk Number. Once you have completed the risk assessment we offer a free analysis of your current portfolio. Simply send by email or drop of your statement to our local office.  We will upload to Riskalyze, create an easy to understand report showing your current risk number and the specific holdings that should be examined.  There is no obligation or sales pressure to learn your current risk.  We are simply advisors wishing to empower investors to invest fearlessly.  

Click Here to Get Your Risk Number

Our Team

Our Team

Curtis Wethington

LPL Investment Advisor Representative

(501) 781-3640

(501) 781-3641

Located in Hot Springs Arkansas, Curtis is a lifetime resident of the community and operates an independent office in the historic district of the city. As a dually registered Investment Advisor Representative with Financial Investment...

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Lori Jackson

Director of Operations and Customer Relations



Lori is committed to providing the most efficient and streamlined service to our clients. With a strong background in customer service and managing her own business Lori posses the skills, attitude, and integrity to ensure our systems...

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