Lori Jackson

Lori Jackson

Director of Operations and Customer Relations

Lori is a lifetime resident of Hot Springs having graduated from Hot Springs High and attending college at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock earning a degree in mass communications.


After several years managing the family business Lori began working with a financial company in New York City assisting clients with their financial goals. Lori has always had a passion for finances and investing as her father instilled in her at a young age the importance of being financially sound. As a mother of 3 boys she works hard to pass these values on to them.


Lori is committed to providing the most efficient and streamlined service to our clients. With a strong background in customer service and managing her own business Lori posses the skills, attitude, and integrity to ensure our systems and services serve our clients with excellence.


As mother of three boys Lori stays busy being involved in their extracurricular activities, another full time job. Lori also enjoys art, writing, gardening, hiking, and attending community events.